Đầu dò khí VOC GTD-2000VOC Gastron | VOC GAS DETECTOR GTD-2000VOC

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Công Ty TNHH TM và DV Tăng Minh Phát là đại lý GASTRON tại Việt Nam

Model : GTD-2000VOC
Gas : VOC
Comm. : 4-20mA, HART
App. : KCs, ATEX, Classification, SIL2

CMCP420VT Loop-Powered Vibration Transmitter

Đầu dò khí VOC GTD-2000VOC Gastron

Đầu dò khí VOC GTD-2000VOC Gastron

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1. Thông tin về đầu dò khí VOC GTD-2000VOC

  • Continuous detection of VOC gas in explosion hazardous area with flame proof structure
  • Self diagnosis function with built-in Microprocessor
  • Low concentration VOC gas detection by PID sensor
  • Stable quality and proved detection principle for service life
  • Multi functions and high quality with low cost of ownership
  • Built-in back light LCD or OLED display
  • Easy Configuration of monitoring by HART communication
  • Auto calibration and program setting with a magnet bar
  • 4-20mA DC output signal
  • With the alarm uni
  • – Normal : Green LED
  • – Alarm : Red LED, Buzzer(95 dB)
  • – Trouble : Yellow LED
  • 3-wire connection for signal & power

2. Thông số kỹ thuật Gas Detector GTD-2000VOC

Đầu dò khí VOC GTD-2000VOC
Model GTD-2000VOC
Measuring gas VOC gases(Benzene, Toluene, Xylene  & etc)
Measuring type Diffusion type
Measuring method Photo-Ionization Detector(PID)
Measruing range 5ppb ~ 300ppm
Response time < 5sec / 90% scale
Accuracy ±3% / Full scale
Parameter control Non intrusive control with a Magnet bar (calibration, maintenance)
Operation mode display 1-LED (Power)
Measuring value display LCD display (Built in back light  2-Line, 8 characters) / OLED Type (Option)
Output signal Analog : Measuring signal : 4-20mA DC
            Calibration signal : 3mA DC
            Fault signal : 0mA DC
Digital : 2mA (HART 7, HART Device Description Language available, Option)
Cable/Distance Power + Signal cable : 3-wire 〉1.5sq (AWG16) / 2500m max
Material Housing : ALDC, SUS316(Option) / Sensor : SUS316
Conduit connection G. Rc. NPT 1/2″, 3/4″ & M20 (G 3/4″ : standard)
Mounting type 2″ Pole mount, Wall mount, Duct mount
Operating temperature -20℃ ~ +60℃
Operating humidity 5 ~ 99%.RH (non-condensing)
Operating power 18~31V DC (24V DC normal) / 200mA max
Dimensions 136x166x110 (WxHxD)mm
Weight 1.5kg
Approval Explosion proof type (Ex d IIC T5) KCs / IP66/67
Explosion proof type (Ex d IIC Gb T4~T6) ATEX, IECEx
Explosion proof type (Ex d IIC T5 Gb) NEPSI
Marine : KR, MED, ABS, DNV
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