VM8800A Paperless Recorder Ohkura | VM8800A Bộ ghi dữ liệu Ohkura

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VM8800A là một máy ghi dữ không giấy sử dụng màn hình tinh thể lỏng 10,4 inch.

Công Ty TNHH Thương Mại và Dịch Vụ Tăng Minh Phát là đại lý Ohkura tại Việt Nam.

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VM8800A Paperless Recorder Ohkura | VM8800A Bộ ghi dữ liệu Ohkura

1. Giới thiệu VM8800A Paperless Recorder Ohkura | VM8800A Bộ ghi dữ liệu Ohkura

The VM8800A is a paperless recorder that employs a 10.4-inch TFT liquid crystal display. It uses CompactFlash (referred to as "CF cards" hereafter) for its recording media, and is also equipped with network functions as standard. Its input types can include thermocouples, resistance temperature detectors, and DC voltage (current), which can be set as desired in up to 12 channels. Aside from input, calculation processes can be performed in up to 48 channels. Data currently being recorded and data stored on CF cards can be viewed on the display. They can also be viewed on a PC using the included viewer software.

VM8800A Paperless Recorder Ohkura | VM8800A Bộ ghi dữ liệu Ohkura

2. Đặc tính kỹ thuật VM8800A Paperless Recorder | VM8800A Bộ ghi dữ liệu Ohkura

Achievement of high-speed multi-point capture
By providing independent measurement circuits in each channel, high-speed sampling can be performed at all points in up to 48 channels.

Simple control using a touch panel
Intuitive touch panel control allows the unit to be used easily.

Equipped with large-capacity built-in memory
Equipped with large-capacity built-in memory that is roughly 450 MB in size. Long-term recording can be performed using only the main unit.

CF cards are employed as external recording media
Compatible with CF cards up to 8 GB, allowing recording over extended periods. USB memory devices can also be used as an option. 
(Includes a 1 GB CF card as standard)

Compatibility with existing RM18G recorder
The structure of the rear terminal block is designed for compatibility with existing RM18G recorder. If an existing unit is replaced, the existing wiring and other components can be used as they are. A terminal block that can accommodate input from a greater number of channels is also available.

Integrated structure of internal units
Since the calibration components are all located in internal devices, it is possible to perform calibration with the internal devices only, while leaving the case wiring intact (excluding TC).

Diverse displays only possible with a paperless device
On-screen buttons can be used to easily switch between bar graph displays, trend displays, and digital displays. The displays that can be viewed are highly flexible in accordance with the application. Also, highlighting of trend displays or setting confirmation can be performed by touching the applicable channel.

Equipped with calculation functions
In addition to basic arithmetic operations and totalization functions that can be performed on input, calculation functions that can record data obtained from DI or by communication methods as measurement values are also provided. 

Standard inclusion of PC support software
Software including parameter loaders that can be used to set parameters on a PC, and data viewer software that can be used to view and analyze measured data, are included as standard accessories.

Compatible with 2 types of external configurations and panel cutouts
Designed for compatibility with RM18G recorder, and compatible with 2 types of external configurations and panel cutouts.

Equipped as standard with communication functions using Ethernet
FTP server/client functions, HTTP server functions, SNTP client functions, and Modbus TCP functions can be used.

Communication functions (option)
Aside from Ethernet, RS-485 is available as an option, allowing communication by Modbus RTU.

Earthquake-resistant structure (option)
By securing the device with earthquake-resistant supports, it can be made to withstand vibrations of 2G in the up-down direction and 4G in the front-back and left-right directions.

Handwritten comment function (V1.20 and later)
Comments can be entered in handwritten form on historical trends.

VM8806A100O1A00        VM8848A400O1A00        VM8836A313O1A00        VM8830A112O1F00

VM8812A100O1A00        VM8806A201O1A00        VM8848A414O1A00        VM8836A313O1G00

VM8818A100O1A00        VM8812A302O1A00        VM8806A208O9A00        VM8848A414O1H00

VM8824A100O1A00        VM8818A403O1A00        VM8812A309O9A00        VM8806A208O1B10

VM8830A100O1A00        VM8824A904O1A00        VM8818A410O9A00        VM8812A309O1C10

VM8836A100O1A00        VM8830A205O1A00        VM8824A911O9A00        VM8818A410O1D10

VM8848A100O1A00        VM8836A306O1A00        VM8830A112O9A00        VM8824A911O1E10

VM8806A200O1A00        VM8848A407O1A00        VM8836A313O9A00        VM8830A112O1F10

VM8812A300O1A00        VM8806A208O1A00        VM8848A414O9A00        VM8836A313O1G10

VM8818A400O1A00        VM8812A309O1A00        VM8806A208O1B00        VM8848A414O1H10

VM8824A900O1A00        VM8818A410O1A00        VM8812A309O1C00        VM8806A208O1B1X

VM8830A200O1A00        VM8824A911O1A00        VM8818A410O1D00        VM8812A309O1C1Y

VM8836A300O1A00        VM8830A112O1A00        VM8824A911O1E00        VM8818A410O1D1Z

VM8848A400O1A00        VM8836A313O1A00        VM8830A112O1F00        VM8824A911O1E1X

VM8806A201O1A00        VM8848A414O1A00        VM8836A313O1G00        VM8830A112O1F1Y

VM8812A302O1A00        VM8806A208O9A00        VM8848A414O1H00        VM8836A313O1G1Z

VM8818A403O1A00        VM8812A309O9A00        VM8806A208O1B10        VM8848A414O1H1X

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