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Schenck process
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Công Ty TNHH TM và DV Tăng Minh Phát chuyên cung cấp các thiết bị hãng Schenck process tại Việt Nam

DISOMAT® Opus Weight Indicators

  • Legal for trade weighing indicator for a wide variety of applications
  • Stainless steel - at a high protection class for table-top and wall mounting
  • Top-hat rail design
  • Panel installation version
  • Built-in legal-for trade memory (optional)
  • Fieldbus interface
  • Ethernet interface, can also be used for
  • configuration
  • USB cable for optional α/n PC keyboard
  • All components can be exchanged without re-verification
  • For hazardous areas according to ATEX category 3D

DISOMAT® Opus Bộ điều khiển Schenck process


Compact and economical for logistics applications

The cost-effective solution for legal-for-trade applications: DISOMAT® Opus

The basic solution that pays off in legal-for-trade applications. It registers weight values, displays them, prints them out, and forwards them to a higher-level system if desired. The DISOMAT® Opus offers two housing options, which include a tabletop device and a wall-mounted device both in stainless steel design. Problem-free interaction is achieved due to optimal hardware and software technology.

The DISOMAT® Opus is ideal for platform scales, container scales or single-component dosing. The selection of different interfaces enables a wide range of simple process applications.

V040000.B11 DISOMAT Opus maxi, VKG 20700,
Stainless steel unit IP65
V040001.B11 DISOMAT Opus mini, VKG 20710,
Stainless steel unit IP65
V040003.B11 DISOMAT Opus maxi, VKG 20740,
Stainless steel unit IP65, 24 VDC supply
V040002.B01 DISOMAT Opus top-hat rail unit,
VEG 20720
V063320.B01 DISOMAT Opus, Panel installation unit
VEG 20700
V063321.B01 DISOMAT Opus, Panel installation unit
VEG 20750, 24 VDC supply
V081990.B01 DISOMAT Opus maxi, stainless steel unit for
ATEX category 3D, main supply
V095580.B01 DISOMAT Opus maxi, stainless steel unit for
ATEX category 3D, 24 VDC supply
V535499.B01 PROFINET kit, VPN 28020 for VKG
V054033.B01 PROFIBUS DP kit, VPB 28020 for VKG
V081906.B01 DeviceNet kit, VCB 28020 for VKG
V081908.B01 PROFIBUS DP kit, VPB 28020 for VEG 20700
V081909.B01 DeviceNet kit, VCB 28020 for VEG 20700
V064721.B06 Procedure EtherNet/IP
V040045.B01 Remote PC keyboard (USB), German key assignment
V040045.B02 Remote PC keyboard (USB),
English key assignment
V040026.B01 Legal-for-trade memory VMM 20407

DISOMAT® Satus | DISOMAT® Parvus

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